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1. How is your general medical health?
2. Have you been under the care of a physician during the past year?
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3. Are you taking any drugs or medicines now (please include herbs/natural medication)?
If yes, what?
WOMEN NOTE: Antibiotics (such as penicillin) may alter the effectiveness of birth control pills. Consult your physician/gynecologist for assistance regarding additional methods of birth control.
4. Are you allergic to any drugs or medicines?
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4a. Do you have any food allergies?
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5. Have you ever had a serious illness?
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7. Have you ever used street drugs or recreational drugs?
If yes, what?
8. Do you now have or have you ever had any of the following?
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Heart Problem Diabetes Tuberculosis
Emphysema Syphilis Epilepsy
Rheumatic Fever Chronic Cough Kidney Disease
Hepatitis or Jaundice Anemia Heart Murmur
Angina (Chest Pain) Asthma Thyroid Disease
High Blood Pressure Stomach Problems Cancer
Glaucoma Arthritis Blood Clotting Disorder (Bleeder)
Blood Disease Sinus Problem Blood Transfusion
H.I.V. + Test/AIDS Drug Abuse Eye Surgery
9. Are you now taking or have you ever taken any of the following medications?
Yes  No Yes  No
Cortisone or Steroids Anticoagulants (Blood thinners)
Asthma Medicines Aspirin for a long period of time
Heart or Blood Pressure Medications Birth Control Pills
Tranquilizers or Sedatives Diet Pills (Prescription or over the counter)
Other Drugs/Herbal-Natural Medications Insulin or Oral Medication for Diabetes
If yes, please list: 
Fosamax or any drugs for bone density
If yes, please list: 
10. Do you use any tobacco products at all?
11. Do you drink alcohol daily?
12. Do you use marijuana routinely?
13. Do you wear contact lenses?
14. Have you ever had pain, clicking, or popping of your jaw joint (TMJ problems)?
15. Have you ever had excessive bleeding following an extraction, cut, or surgery?
16. Have you or any relatives had an unfavorable reaction to local or general anesthesia?
17. Have you had any operations or hospitalizations?
18. (Women) Are you pregnant or breast-feeding?
19. Please list any items not mentioned above which you wish to bring to our attention?
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By my signature below, I agree and indicate that the above information is correct and current to the best of my knowledge, that I give consent to secure records such as X-rays, models, photographs, etc and perform whatever diagnostic procedures deemed necessary, and that all consent forms signed are an integral part of this treatment record and that neither is complete without the other.

If I am unable to keep an appointment, I will give 48 hour notice, otherwise a charge will be made for the time reserved.
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I hereby request and authorize the release of all information, without limitations, regarding any physical and mental condition, as revealed by your observation or treatment, past, present or future.

This includes photocopies of medical and/or dental histories, x-ray findings, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and financial records.

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